Software Engineer - Web at Skydio
Redwood City, CA, US
Develop frontend and backend code for web systems that may run on autonomous drones, cloud servers, or developer workstations. We use web apps and APIs across our stack for both customer-facing production systems and internal tools that empower our developers.

Example projects:

    • Implement features for the Developer Console to store and manage versions of code and assets and to help instantly deploy new updates to users
    • Create a web-based log player that lets internal teams easily parse through petabytes of flight data
    • Write a WebGL-based simulator environment for SDK developers to fly and test their code
    • Design the APIs used on the drone for communicating with mobile apps and the cloud
    • Create a service that intelligently delivers over-the-air software updates and configurations to thousands of vehicles
    • Create reusable components for 3d rendering the real-time state of the vehicle and environment around it


    • Excellent JavaScript, ES6+ and React skills with some Typescript familiarity
    • Understanding of build and and module systems like npm, yarn, Webpack
    • Exposure to modern state-management techniques and frameworks (e.g. Redux, Mobx, Apollo)
    • Knowledge of web security fundamentals (e.g. XSS, CSRF, Cookies vs LocalStorage, token management)
    • Familiarity with restful APIs
    • Ability to navigate and unblock yourself in a Python codebase

Useful skills:

    • Flask/Django, SQLAlchemy frameworks for backend APIs
    • Relational Databases, SQL, normalized data models (e.g. Postgres, MySQL)
    • How and when to use a caching system (Redis, memcached, etc)
    • AWS services (EC2, S3, SQS, SNS, IAM)
    • Deployment and containerization tooling (Ansible, Docker, Terraform, etc)
    • WebGL rendering of a 3d scene synced to streaming data (ThreeJS)