Software Engineer - Platform at Skydio
Redwood City, CA, US
Our perception and flight control software is unmatched, but that code is only one piece of the puzzle. To develop, test, and improve our system, we rely on world class infrastructure and other backend systems.
In this role you'll design, implement, and own key pieces of the infrastructure spanning different languages and computing platforms.

Example projects:

    • Architect and build an analysis, ingestion, and storage system for petabytes of data from flight event and image logs
    • Create a system for efficiently testing vehicle components as they move through the manufacturing line
    • Orchestrate our cloud services to deliver software updates to thousands of connected vehicles and apps
    • Implement continuous testing and delivery for all internal services
    • Create a software sandbox to securely run and live-deploy 3rd-party code while ensuring the vehicle stays flying
    • Design a hardware-in-the-loop testing framework for stressing various vehicle components
    • Recognize opportunities to create tools and simplify APIs to improve developer efficiency


    • Solid software engineering foundation and a commitment to writing clean, well architected code with appropriate abstraction boundaries
    • High proficiency in Python or C++
    • Familiarity with Linux operating system configuration and build tools
    • Exposure to architectural patterns of well-designed APIs, scalable and reliable services, high volume data pipelines, and efficient algorithms

Useful Skills:

    • Experience with developer infrastructure tools like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes
    • Understanding of cloud service offerings (AWS, GCP), deployment techniques, and configuration management
    • Management and usage of relational databases (Postgres, MySQL) and caching systems (Redis, Memcached)
    • Task queues and job processing systems
    • Performance analysis and optimization
    • Graphics or Physics engine development
    • OpenGL