Senior Software Engineer - Android at Discord
San Francisco, CA, US
Our Android team is still small! That means you will be free to follow your engineering interests and have real ownership over your work that will reach a rapidly growing number of users.
Discord for Android is still young, so you will have daily opportunities to make impactful architectural decisions as you help us build the best app for gamers the world has ever seen.
You will be responsible for building new features, squashing bugs, architecting cleaner code solutions, and extending device support across the Android ecosystem.
What you should have
Excellent attention to detail and an eye for visuals. Design skills are not required but you should be able to critique and modify existing designs.
A solid understanding of Java fundamentals, Android development framework, and RxJava (Android uses this extensively) functional reactive programming patterns.
Experience developing and shipping real world Android applications - bonus points for complementing experience building modern front end SPAs.
Bonus Points
Major bonus points for experience with our overall technology stack (Python and Elixir on the server, React on the client) in which case you'll deliver full slice vertical features.
Experience with Kotlin, Retrofit, and other common modern Android patterns.
Experience working on and shipping Open source projects (open sourcing generalized code is highly encouraged).
A lifelong passion for gaming and deep understanding of what drives the gaming community. An ideal candidate is already familiar Discord and is ready to jump in and help make it better!
A cover letter with some information on what excites you and where Discord fits into those interests.